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Hydraulic electromagnetic directional valve structure and working principle


Hydraulic electromagnetic directional valve structure and working principle

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Valve body and sliding spool are the main body of hydraulic solenoid directional valve. In the solenoid directional valve body has a number of different oil interface, each oil interface and the corresponding ring groove on the valve body, there are several oil interface is called several valve. Hydraulic machinery generally USES four - way hydraulic electromagnetic directional valve. The spool can stay in different working positions after moving, the spool has several working positions called a few valves. If C2 function solenoid directional valve valve core has 3 working positions, there are 4 oil interface on the valve body, the valve is called three four-way solenoid directional valve. Different oil line interface is through the working position of the valve core to achieve on or off.
Generally, the interface between the solenoid reversing valve and the oil supply circuit of the hydraulic system is represented by P, the interface connected with the oil return circuit is represented by T, and the oil port connected with the actuator is represented by A and B. Field hydraulic electromagnetic reversing valve body are marked with oil port.





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